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One Thousand Words

A podcast about the world art has made

I'm the creator and producer of this short (10-15 minutes per episode) podcast that takes a closer look at moments in history that art influenced. How are we different becuase of the art we make and the stories we tell?

Sample Publications

A Christmas Carol Globe Photo
"Making the Most of Media"

Published in Theatre Design and Technology, Winter 2020.

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"Building Better Theatres: Success and Debriefs in America"

Published in Howlround Theatre Commons, October 2017.

espresso being pulled
"More Than Booth"

Published in Howlround Theatre Commons January 2017.

Ongoing Projects

The Cast of Public Works Dallas productio n of The Winter's Tale, photographer Karen Almond The Cast of Public Works Dallas' production of The Winter's Tale, photographer Karen Almond.

In the spring and summer of 2021 I am embarking on a research study of Public Works Dallas with the Dallas Theater Center. This study is designed to deepen understanding how Public Works Dallas and the long-term partnerships between Dallas Theater Center and other community organizations are working towards collective liberation and organizational change. Feel free to email me about interest or questions you have in this study, which will become the thesis for my Master's degree in Performance as Public Practice at the University of Texas at Austin!